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Vanaleigh 6-B Vanilla Powder 

This powder was developed specifically for the biscuit
 and baking industry to be used in place of vanillin.
Vanaleigh has the same potency, or flavoring strength as
 vanillin, without the harsh bite. Many have found that it
 is closer to a pure vanilla flavor than any other powder on
 the market. Vanaleigh can also act as a booster, enhancing
the flavor of chocolate and cocoa products, giving them
 an enriched taste. It has a definite flavor advantage over
 vanillin, while being economical.

Bourbonil #2 Vanilla Powder

This is a potent powder, being about three times as strong
in flavoring strength as our Vanaleigh 6B or vanillin. It
does not have the same flavor characteristics, as any other
powder, but has its own distinctive flavor which is
particularly useful in covering up fatty flavors found in
imitation coatings. Bourbonil imparts a definite vanilla
flavor and should be used conservatively because of its
flavor potency.

Ethylin Vanilla Powder

This product is to be used ounce-for-ounce as a replace
-ment for Ethyl Vanillin and has been well received by the
baking industry. While ethyl vanillin gives a smooth vanilla
taste, it will also impart a definite artificial character in
 your product. Ethylin was formulated to present that 
smooth vanilla character which your customer's will
 recognize as "quality".

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