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Frozen Desserts
#1063 Natural - Artificial Vanilla Flavor

This flavor has been designed specifically for low fat/no fat
 frozen desserts. It is a flavorists artistic blend of pure and
 artificial vanillas in conjunction with natural flavorings.
Combined with your fat free ingredients it will impart a 
dynamic vanilla flavor profile certain to delight any palate.

#2340 Pure Vanilla Extract

This extract was developed for the ever increasing demand
by consumers for a naturally flavored vanilla yogurt.
Manufactured from a select blend of vanilla beans, this
extract has been specially designed for use in both hard
 pack and soft serve low fat/no fat formulations. This
extract will give a full bodied flavor that will make your
 product a memorable sensory experience.

Dairy Products
Vanilla Bean Specks

As the name implies, this product comes from the fruit of
 the vanilla planifolia and will highlight the frozen dessert
formulations which bears its surname. The addition of this
 product to your formula will add eye appeal which lends
 to consumer recognition and repeated sales. Vanilla bean
 specks come in a dry form or liquid phase for ease of

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