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According to Federal regulations, Vanilla Extract must
 contain one unit (13.35 ounces) of vanilla beans for each
 fold or strength. In other words, one gallon of Vanilla
 Extract of a one-fold, or single-strength, must be the
 extractive matter of 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans. A two-
fold, or double-strength, would contain the extractive matter
 of twice 13.35 ounces, or 26.70 ounces of extractive matter
 in one gallon of vanilla extract, and so on, up to the
 maximum strength possible.

These beans must contain less than 25% moisture.
 If they should contain more than 25% moisture, the extractor
 must increase the amount of vanilla beans used to allow for
 the added weight by moisture.

In order to be designated as a Vanilla Extract, it
 must contain not less than 35% ethyl alcohol by volume.
 Anything less or other extractive menstrums would require
 that it be called a flavor.

A Vanilla Extract must not contain any added
 ingredients other than the extract of the vanilla beans,
 alcohol, sugars, propylene glycol and water.

According to Federal standards, one (1) ounce of vanillin
 is the equivalent in flavoring strength of the extractive matter
of 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans. Therefore, a two-fold
 Vanilla/Vanillin Extract would be a single-strength 
Vanilla Extract with one ounce of added vanillin. 
Likewise, a four-fold Vanilla/Vanillin Extract  would be
two-fold, or double-strength, Pure Vanilla with two
 ounces of added vanillin per gallon.

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